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The new buffet.... the grazing table...

People love buffets. After all, nothing quite brings a group of people together like crowding around a table. Though, the buffet has grown up and now has become an art piece, it's sophisticated and very enjoyable.

Michelina Lawson has proven that buffets can be a work of art, giving the humble spread a modern makeover and making it one of the hottest wedding and event trends.

Grazing tables are great for events who want a relaxed, sociable and classy atmosphere. It's the new way of catering.

Grazing tables are more decadent alternative to a buffet, using high quality ingredients, which are seasonal and stunning styling to create a showstopping dining experience.

It's all about bringing people together, socialising and enjoying themselves.

The grazing table is a visual feast. People want the "wow" factor and that is what Michelina Lawson does.

We go and find the best quality produce from our local suppliers and each grazing table is unique. We cater for all requests.

All of Michelina Lawson's creations from sharing platters to a six metre long grazing tables are made up of house made and locally sourced produce including speciality cheeses, artisan cured meats, quiches, antipasti and local baked bread.

Often a grazing table can replace an entree or starter, which is followed by a main course and dessert or a dessert grazing table with cakes, tarts, puddings and other sweet treats.

The grazing table is a great way to create feast for the corporate world.

With the growing number of dietary requirements we are able to create gluten free and vegan tables.

After all, Michelina Lawson's ethos is bringing people together with food and that's exactly what the grazing table does.

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